New Poetry Contest: Summer! - Allie C. - 10/25/21

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New Poetry Contest: Summer!

Submitted by: Allie C., age 12, Port Lavaca, TX

Summer Rain

The sound of distant thunder
Like faraway cannons and gunfire
Announces the arrival of summer rain.
The drummers march ever closer,
Bringing in a sprinkle of raindrops
That sizzle on the heated sidewalk.
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter . . .
Water droplets fall from the sky,
Faster and faster, denser and denser.
Water pours down the window panes . . .
A flash of lightning cracks the darkening sky,
Lighting up the entire room.
Hooves trample over the roof.
The wind blows the trees,
Tearing away the leaves.
Boom! Rumble, rumble . . .
The summer rain is an orchestra
That fills me with a misery
Sadder than I knew to feel,
But also gives me joy,
For it promises a rainbow.

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