New Poetry Contest: Gift - Tyler R. - 02/28/22

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New Poetry Contest: Gift

Submitted by: Tyler R., age 11, Grand Junction, CO

A Winter Morning

Looking through my snowy window
At the silent frosty white,
I can see the spotted hillside,
Seeds I sprinkled there last night.

As I watched through my curtains,
From the aspens, fluttered down
Brown and golden chickadees,
Come to feast upon the ground.

The cardinals with yellow finches,
And sparrows also came,
As I looked through lacing crystals
Laid across my window pane.

And from behind a frosted fir tree
Came a fawn and a doe
That sat beside the pecking birds
And sniffed along the snow.

The sun soon rose to see the clearing,
The creatures at its center,
Feeding on the sprinkled seeds,
A precious gift in winter.

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