New Poetry Contest: Gift - Miranda O. - 02/28/22

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New Poetry Contest: Gift

Submitted by: Miranda O., age 10, Ashland, OR


Glue, paper, ribbons, and markers on the floor.
Sticks, confetti, and colors galore.
Maybe a snack, a cracker or two.
Maybe some ants snacking with you.
She really likes green, he really loves trucks.
They really like pizza, glitter, and ducks.
You take it all into consideration.
You don’t want this to be an abomination.
Singing along to Christmas music.
It’s a little early, but you still listen to it.
Finally you finish up.
You get some wrapping paper to keep it snug.
Smiling, you love your work.
It isn’t perfect, it still has some quirks.
It’s not from a shop, not bought from a mall.
It isn’t a teddy or a fancy doll.
You made it yourself, and you know it’s true.
You made it with love, friends are special to you.
So it really isn’t hard to start.
It’s special because it came from the heart.

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