New Poetry Contest: Gift - Gwyneth D. - 02/28/22

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New Poetry Contest: Gift

Submitted by: Gwyneth D., age 10, Morrilton, AR

The Best Gift of All

The sweet, clear notes rang out like a bell
As the bow of my violin stroked the string.
When I finished, the crowd let out a great yell
And told me, “Great job! What a beautiful thing.”

As the crowd was applauding I searched for a face
That was wrinkled and kind with a smile to share.
I imagined her wrinkles like cracks on a vase,
And I looked and I looked, and thought, “Where is she? There!”

I saw her and wove my way into the crowd
When I reached her she smiled, she was so sweet and small.
She said, “We must get you a gift.” But I vowed
To myself that her smile was the best gift of all.

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