New Poetry Contest: Gift - Katie M. - 02/28/22

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New Poetry Contest: Gift

Submitted by: Katie M., age 11, Alameda, CA

My Gift

I see it sitting under the tree,
Waiting just for me
I untie the bright bow,
Rip off the patterned paper
I slowly pull it out,
This is a moment I want to savor
When I see it I gasp with surprise
I can hardly believe my eyes
It is a copy of my favorite book!
I open it up to have a look
And there, right on the front page,
Is the loopy signature of the author
I look to my parents and beam
This gift is my dream!
I run over and hug them tight
Inside I feel happy and light
I say, “This is exactly what I wanted, and that is true.
Also, thanks, and I love you.”

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