New Poetry Contest: Gift - Claire V. - 02/28/22

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New Poetry Contest: Gift

Submitted by: Claire V., age 10, Hillsboro, OR

The Trampoline

’Twas early in the morning
On Christmas Day twenty-nineteen.
I look out at the tree
Three large boxes, new
One each for my brothers and me.
What could they be?

A trampoline!
No way! Impossible!
How can it be?
But it’s true.
Why would I lie?

Jump, bounce, fall, repeat.
Yell, scream, play, and shout.
“Hey, Kevin, don’t knock me out!”

We play and play and play.
When we finally stop, the ground feels so solid
After the bouncy surface of the trampoline.
But who cares?

We really wanted a trampoline, my brothers and me.
Now we bounce, bounce to the moon.
We got what we wanted
At last!

Joy to the world!

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