New Poetry Contest: Gift - Shivani Y. - 02/28/22

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New Poetry Contest: Gift

Submitted by: Shivani Y., age 15, Albany, GA

A Christmas Blessing

A few days before Christmas Eve,
On a cold and stormy night,
As lightning struck and thunder roared,
And a chilly gale howled,
The sparkling Christmas lights a kitten followed,
Through a hole, into a yard.
Covered in dirt and limping away,
Poor little kitty!

In the yard he was found by a generous heart,
And with a bowl of food into a trap persuaded,
At the vet he was found of good health,
And declared the family’s Christmas blessing.

But Christmas blessing or Christmas terror?
In the toilet the menace bathed,
The furniture he ripped,
The cat litter he scattered,
And the other cat’s tail he bit.
As he leaped, pounced, and flew through the air,
Everyone cried,
The little menace was better off outside.
But when he crawled into a lap with a purr,
Kneading and nestling,
How could anyone call him a curse?
Truly, everyone agreed, a Christmas blessing.

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