New Poetry Contest: Artist - Joanie S. - 06/20/22

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New Poetry Contest: Artist

Submitted by: Joanie S., age 9, Portland, ME

Mother Nature, the Painter

She flew through the evening sky and landed
on a lacey white cloud with a job to do.
She dipped her paintbrush into the
glistening water below her.
Then Mother Nature started.
A mural of sorts, the blank white sky as
her canvas and a branch from the finest
evergreen tree in hand.
She started, first light blue, dark blue, every blue.
She blended the amazing colors and splashed
them on with the ease of a tree swaying
to the wind.
Slowly Mother Nature descended on a gleaming
waterfall as it slid peacefully through the
evening sky,
to take a short break before going back
to paint again.
It was Mother Nature’s lifelong job she had
to paint hundreds of times.
The sunrise.
The sunset.
The clouds and the rain.
It was her job and she was proud of it.

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