New Poetry Contest: Artist - Madeline B. - 06/20/22

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: Artist

Submitted by: Madeline B., age 12, Etna, NH

The Artist

Sunlight filters in through her open windows.
Her light-brown hair
Frees itself from its tight ponytail, swaying in the breeze.
Her brush glides across the white canvas like magic,
Blending dark into light, shape into shadow.
The light dances across the room,
Bouncing and spinning as her brush twirls and leaps.
She shapes worlds,
Words, hearts, and minds,
Simply by moving her brush across the once-blank space
Now bursting with color, light, personality.
She changes lives by painting the shapes and strokes of color
That someone needed to see on a certain day
To make them want to get up in the morning
And resume their life after months of darkness.
Even though she hardly strays from her studio,
She has made the world better
By spilling her heart and soul onto a canvas.
With a stroke of her brush,
The artist
Creates beautiful paintings
Of what we see only
If we look hard enough.

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