New Poetry Contest: Artist - Sophie J. - 06/20/22

Contest: Winners

New Poetry Contest: Artist

Submitted by: Sophie J., age 11, Broomfield, CO

Sunrise Artist

Before the chickadee sang
His first note of the day
Before the songbirds awoke
Mother Earth looked up from her gardening

It was time

She rose and fetched her paints and brushes
The early morning air was cool and crisp
She dipped her paintbrush first in bright orange

Swish Swish

Then lifted it, dripping, from the pot
Swish Swish, this time on the pale dawn sky
Next, a vibrant shade of pink

Swish Swish

Swish Swish

Golden yellow
Rose red
Pale peach

Swish Swish

Mother Earth painted and painted
She dipped and swirled her brush
Till it looked like there was
A bright, kaleidoscopic fire, burning in the sky
Mother Earth smiled and put down her paintbrush

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