April 2017

Cricket goes even buggier!

This month’s Cricketleads you on a great escape from plagues of locusts, wicked weather, the Portuguese Inquisition, and your boring everyday routine.

In the nineteenth century, trillions of Rocky Mountain locusts devastated the American prairie in massive plagues—then suddenly became extinct, leaving science baffled by “The Great Grasshopper Mystery.”

Have you ever tried eating bugs? Almost everyone else in the world has. Find out what’s crawling on the menu in “Fried Crickets, Anyone?”

And in “Ahimsa,” a young girl who loves nature struggles when her garden is infested by remarkably beautiful, but destructive, moths.

“April Rose in Charge” tells the story of a girl who must rescue the sheep on her farm when she is alone during a storm. In the tense historical fiction “The Inside Name,” a Jewish family in Portugal must hide their true faith to escape the Inquisition. And in “Percy Plumb, Cowboy,” a mild-mannered librarian has his dream of being a cowboy come true when he adopts a horse. Giddyap!