April 2022

Find a Feathered Friend in Cricket!

Whoever heard of a feather detective? In Cricket you’ll discover Roxie Laybourne, who solves mysteries as an expert in feather identification.

In “The Trapped and Tangled Loon,” two boys come to the rescue when a loon becomes entangled with fishing line and seeks their help.

In “Rescue Buddy” girls who work with rescue animals must find a solution involving an angry cat, an injured dog, and a horse that has become depressed. And a boy must decide what to do when he discovers a wolf on the outskirts of his neighborhood in “Taking Sides.”

A girl on the prairie braves a raging creek to rescue the family’s sheep from a flash flood in “The Moment of Truth.” And in “The Swimming Duck Stars,” a Pawnee girl looks to the stars as she waits anxiously for the return of her father.

There’s also an Ugly Bird Crossbird Puzzle, a new story contest about a detective—and the bugs find themselves on a quiz show with Ugly!