February 2018

Gallop into this month’s Cricket.


As you might guess from our racetrack cover (or you might not) this Cricket includes two horse stories. In “Anabelle Tames the Round Warrior,” a girl who lives on a horse farm trains a spirited but stubborn pony. And in “Two Destinies,” young Siddhartha—whom we know today as the Buddha—discovers his destiny to be a teacher rather than a king while caring for his stallion Kanthaka.

In “Two of Me,” a girl learns to cope with having newly divorced parents. And “A Gift of Goats” focuses on a program in Jordan that helps rural families who have lost a father to raise goats for food and income.

You’ll also find part 2 of “A Ghost on the Moor,” and the first installment of a new serial, based on a true story, about pirates who capture and ransom a young Julius Caesar.

There’s a new poetry contests about horses, and in Cricket Country Muffin adopts a lost pony. So don’t say neigh to Cricket.