February 2019

Kiss a frog and fall in love, with Cricket.


In this Cricket you’ll enjoy:

• Contemporary fiction about a boy in Bangladesh who saves an endangered pangolin

• Humorous science fiction about a future Earth with perfect weather and a boy who is tested by his first experience battling wind and rain and snow 

• A funny faux fairy tale about a princess who receives a mysterious vial of pond water from her magical aunt that, well, makes her croak

• A fabulous fantasy about a society where everyone chooses one magic spell from a wizard on their fifteenth birthday 

• Part 2 of the continuing interplanetary saga “In Search of . . . “

• Historical fiction, based on a true story, about a Chinese family during the Cultural Revolution

• Plus, a Cricket Country cartoon, a crazy Crossbird puzzle, and a new poetry contest about a magic spell. Shazaam!