January 2011

Meteors streak across the sky in this snowy issue of Cricket.

You’ll huddle together with a boy and his goat as theystruggle to survive a dangerous blizzard, embark on an Arctic expedition torecover giant meteorites, and frolic with a loving snow couple come to life. Read the legend of a mermaid who uses her magic cloak to return with herchildren to the Under Wave. There’s the beginning of  a new serial, “The Princess and the Golden Fish,” about a Chineseprincess who prefers a mysterious young man to the husband her father mightchoose for her. And you’ll never forget Gander, the hero dog of Canada, and howhe earned his medal for bravery. To top of the excitement, the gang is visitedby bugs from outer space! One thing the space creatures don’t say to Ladybugis, “Take me to your leader!” (Wonder why?)

Cricket League

  • Story Contest: Fantasy

    For this month’s contest, then, send us your best fantasy story. Entries due by January 25, 2011.