July/August 2020

Thar she blows in Cricket.

This month’s issue features whale watching, baseball, summer camp, and fishing for the big one.

In “Underwater Music” a girl who listens to livestreams of Orca whale pod calls helps save a baby whale.

In “Ready, Rosie?” a girl at summer camp learns to overcome her fear of horses.

Missing baseball this summer? It’s Play Ball at Cricket, as “Pebbles, Pills, and Pellets” gives the surprising history of baseball, and “Chief Sunrise, John McGraw, and Me” tells the funny story of a runaway boy who dreams of joining a professional baseball team.

A young lad outsmarts an evil witch-king in the two-part fantasy “The Fool Who Fished for a King,” and a family’s canoeing vacation takes a surprising turn in “Two Canoes and Miles of Water.”

Enjoy clever poems about animals on the Galápagos Islands, a recipe to sweeten your Fourth of July, a new art contest you can enter—and the bugs start a league of their own. Batter up!