March 2009

What's playing at the drive-in tonight? Something spooky, for sure! So hop in the car and roll into this issue of Cricket. You'll find courageous heroes, dangerous doings, and grumpy Ladybugs in a cast of thousands! Cheer as Cymbril and Loric unlock the power of the magic hairpin to escape the Rake--but will they reach freedom? Cry with happiness as a Navajo girl appeals to a traditional healer to save her grandmother. Laugh with joy as Tad Lincoln (with his goats and dog) cause havoc at the White House. It's colossal. It's stupendous. And it's all coming to an issue near you!

Don't forget to send in your fan art for "The Star Shard"--Emily Fiegenschuh and Fred Durbin will be tuning in to see your work. And when you're done reading the issue, let the world know what you liked best by posting your comments at This Month on the Chatterbox.


Cricket League

  • Art Contest: Movie Posters

    For the March contest, our readers create a poster of the movie they’d most like to see at the drive-in. (Entries due by March 25.)

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