March 2013

Here, kitty kitty. Come to Cricket.

This month’s Cricket is a Japanese delight. In “Bushi’s Bullfight” you’ll read about one of the early masters of karate and how he upheld the code of the true warrior by fighting a bull with his bare hands. Hiyah! If you ever lose anything in the crowded Tokyo subway station, you might try looking for it in a magical place called “The Lost Property Office.” In the final episode of “The Girl Who Drew Cats,” young artist Ariko encounters a rat demon in a Japanese temple, as well as a two-tailed cat spirit. And if that’s not enough of a meowthful, Margot the cat continues her imitation of a princess in Lloyd Alexander’s hilarious “The Cat-King’s Daughter.”

There’s also the beginning of “Mermaid’s Blood,” a two-part story about boys who get more than they bargained for when they visit the hut of a mysterious, witchlike hermit. In “The Fairy Flag,” the chief of a Scottish clan falls under the influence of a shapeshifting fairy. Finally, there’s the true adventure of “Growing Up on a Whaleship,” about a young New England girl who lived four years on a whaleship captained by her father.

And never forget the beautiful art, challenging contest, thrilling bug adventures, and Old Cricket wisdom you’ll find in every issue of Cricket! Thar she blows!

Cricket League

  • Art Contest: Inspired by the Sea

    For this month’s contest, everybuggy in Cricket Country felt like floating away to new imaginary adventures, transported by your best work of art inspired by the sea.