March 2018

Embark on a boon quest with this month’s knightly Cricket.

You’ll enjoy putting on with your friends or class “The Terrible Legend of Kuluch and Olwen,” a humorous play based on an early tale of King Arthur’s knights. And if your heart is in the theater, you’ll also love “Her Ladyship Was Irish,” a story about how battling classmates put on a school

“The Girl Who Codes” is an emotional story about how a girl computer geek wants to create an app that will help her mother deal with chemotherapy. And “Number, Please?” tells the true story of how female telephone operators served bravely in Europe during World War I.

There’s a new episode of “Nodi and the Roman”—about a family of pirates who capture and ransom a young Julius Caesar; the final installment of the haunted serial “The Ghost on the Moor”; and things turn Ugly when the bugs enter a contest to win the newest me-Phone. (You’ll never guess whose app wins.)