May/June 2015

Go on sea turtle patrol with this month’s environmentally
friendly Cricket.

Callie helps to rescue a stranded leatherback turtle after
it lays its eggs on a Florida beach in “On Sea Turtle Patrol.”

This year Ramadan begins on June 17, and twelve-year-old
Asef is struggling to fast for the first time in “Gifts of Ramadan.”

Alexander Calder is celebrated for inventing the mobile. Be
inspired by his lifetime of creating beautiful and intriguing art in “Moving
Art: The Story of Alexander Calder.”

When Fable Thatcher writes her final prophecy, the wizard
Khaos hasn’t much future. Enjoy the climax of the Crowd-Sorcery story, “The
Girl Who Writes the Future.” And learn how the great Roman statesman Cicero
escapes the dangers of political intrigue in “Tiro and the Conspirators.”

Just in time for Father’s Day, there’s a story about a
father who can perform amazing feats of strength.

And in Cricket Country, a circus comes to town!

Cricket League

  • Beautiful Moment in Nature

    For this month’s contest, everybuggy is waiting to be awww-struck by your best art of a beautiful moment in nature.