May/June 2022

Adventure is written on the wind in Cricket.

In the dramatic “Storm Chaser,” a girl and her meteorologist father run into trouble while tracking tornadoes. And it’s an ill wind that blows no good when neighbors reach out to help each other in “What the Tornado Gave Us.”

You’ll read about the comical travails of a man who bicycled across America in the 1890s just to feel “The Wind in His Mustache.” You’ll also make friends with “Mo of the Mudflat,” who discovers a fascinating array of wildlife on the muddy shore of an estuary. You’ll also see how two friends get rid of the gremlins infesting their house in the final episode of the humorous fantasy “Socks.”

There’s a Crossbird Puzzle, a new art contest, and the bugs are blown to the Land of Odd where they are off to see the wizard. Who could it be?