Nov/Dec 2008

If you like cats--and don't mind a few mice scurrying about--you'll love this issue of Cricket. You'll read about the exhilarating life of a ballet dancer, how the French disguised a fort as a harmless House of Peace on Lake Ontario (and paid for their deception), and the creepy monster that attacked Cymbril and Loric as the Rake crawled through the mysterious Weepwallow. Don't forget to send in your fan art for "The Star Shard"--Emily Fiegenschuh and Fred Durbin will be tuning in to see your work. And when you're done reading the issue, let the world know what you liked best by posting your comments at This Month on the Chatterbox.

Cricket League

Old Cricket's Library

  • Part 5

    THE STAR SHARD - Did you miss an episode? Read it here.