November/December 2017

You’ll gobble up this month’s Cricket!

In “The Last Gobble Before Thanksgiving,” a boy visiting America from Turkey surprises the classroom bully with a tough lesson about soccer.

“The Three Captive Princesses” retells a poignant story from Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra about three royal daughters of the Islamic sultan in southern Spain who cross their father by falling in love with Spanish noblemen.

“Yaron’s Rose” is the true story of an Israeli blacksmith who turns weapons of war into symbols of peace when he sculpts roses from the steel of spent rocket shells.

And “The Fish Who Shook the Earth” tells the Japanese legend of the giant catfish who lives beneath the islands and causes earthquakes.

There’s an activity for building a festive, brightly lit “Candle Town” for the holidays, a new puzzle and art contest—and Muffin brings a special guest of honor to the bugs' Thanksgiving celebration. Gobble, gobble.