October 2008

Cymbril and Loric plan their escape as the Rake crawls into the misty,
mysterious Weepwallow, in the latest episode of "The Star Shard." A handsome--and, of course, conceited--prince learns that there's more to being a true prince than kissing frogs. Cricket and Ugly Bird face off in their historic election year debate. (The polls are looking Ugly.) And have you ever heard the old proverb, "Don't sell the bearskin until the hunter brings it in"? Well, you will, in this month's issue. Don't forget to send in your fan art for "The Star Shard"--Emily Fiegenschuh and Fred Durbin will be tuning in to see your work. And when you're done reading the issue, let the world know what you liked best by posting your comments at This Month on the Chatterbox.

Cricket League

  • Poetry Contest: Something Scary

    Whatever scares you, send us your best poem about it—24 lines or less, please. Everybuggy will be creeping to the mailbox to read it. Boo!

Old Cricket's Library

  • Part 4

    THE STAR SHARD - Did you miss an episode? Read it here.