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Escape From Memory

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Imagine this: you've always thought you are a relatively ordinary kid. Then, one day you discover a secret that rocks your world forever. This is what fifteen-year-old Kira Landon experiences after being hypnotized at a sleepover into revealing a dark, enigmatic memory from her past. Once she wakes up, she realizes that she may not originally be from the United States and her mother may not be who she says she is. When Kira's mother disappears and a strange woman shows up at Kira's house asking Kira to come with her and save her mother, Kira follows her, figuring she may get some answers about her past this way. What follows is the most terrifying and fast-paced adventure of Kira's life so far. Escape From Memory is an excellent book and it will keep you rooting for Kira and on the edge of your seat through all the exciting twists and turns and keep you mesmerized until the very end of the book.

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submitted by Bethany, age 12
(July 10, 2012 - 4:16 pm)