Review Guidelines

Have you read a book you think other Cricket readers shouldn't miss? Then review it for Cricket Readers Recommend. What was the book about? Who were the most interesting characters? What were some parts you liked best? But remember, don't give away how the book ends, if it's a surprise or the solution of a mystery. Leave your readers bursting with curiosity to find out for themselves!

Submission Rules for Reviews

  1. Book reviews are limited to 75 words or less.
  2. Your review should be your own original words--please do not copy.
  3. Before writing a review, check to see if the book you wish to recommend has already been reviewed. If it has, then you may just want to add your opinion in a reply to the original review.
  4. Always check that you have spelled correctly the title of the book and the names of the author and characters.
  5. Make sure you fill out the submission form completely. Include your first name and last initial only, your age, and the city and state (or country) where you live. And don't forget to give your book a chirp rating! Lots of chirps mean you really loved it.
  6. Do not include your e-mail address or any information that could be used to contact you directly. Any comments on your review will be posted on the Web site only.
  7. Comments on others readers' reviews should always be polite and fair. If you also loved the book as much as the reviewer, you might mention another part that was really great. If you disagree with the reviewer's recommendation, try to give a good reason why you give the book fewer chirps.
  8. Check back to the site a few days after submitting your review to see if it has been posted. Cricket editors read all reviews and comments to make sure they are appropriate before posting them to the Web site.