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The Gideon trilogy

by Linda Buckley Archer
This is one of my FAVORITE books of ALL time!!Laughing It is about a girl (Kate Dyer) and a boy (Peter Shock) who have an encounter with a golden Labrador, a vandogragh generator, and an antigravity machine, which ends up transporting them back in time to 1763, where they meet Gideon Seymore. This book often flips back to The Life and Times of Gideon Seymore, Cutpurse and Gentleman 1792. This is like Gideon's diary; it is from his perspective. Also this is a series. 
P.S. A cutpurse is the same thing as a pickpocket. 
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submitted by Ellie C., age 8
(November 5, 2012 - 5:27 pm)