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The Lost Years of Merlin Series

by T. A. Barron

Has anyone read The Lost Years of Merlin?  I am reading it in a bookclub with my friend, and it is amazing.  The First book is about Emrys, a boy who was washed up on the shore of Ancient Whales with no memory of his name, where he came from or his family.  Branwen, a witch (who also appeared on the beach with Emrys) takes him in, saying that she is his mother.  Emrys learns that he has great powers, more powerful than anyone has had in centuries.  Emrys accidentlly uses his powers, and renders himself blind.  After Emrys swears he will never use his powers again, he developes a second sight, which allows him to see almost exactly like a normal person.  After deciding that he needs to find out his heritage, he takes off in a shaky raft, with nothing more than the clothes on his back, and the Galator, a pendant that Branwen gave him.  Emrys lands on the magical island of Fincayra, a land that is slowly being destroyed by a goblin king.  Emrys meets a girl, Rhia, and a dwarf sized giant, Shim, and they realize that Emrys is meant to save Fincayra.  With many more problems lurking behind ancient trees and in the form of reptiles that masquerade as something else, Emrys goes on a quest to save Fincayra.  Will he succeed, or let the island fall the evil king?  There are really good characters (my favorite is Shim), and the plot is really intriguing.  Anyone who enjoys fantasy should try this masterpiece by T. A. Barron!

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(December 7, 2012 - 5:01 pm)