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Half Upon a Time

by James Riley

Half Upon a Time is the first book in an awesome, hilarious trilogy. Jack, the son of Jack the Giant Killer, does not have a good opinion of his dad. After all, the previous Jack had decided to steal from a giant and cause him to go on a rampage crushing and eating people in a rage. It gives the family a bad reputation. So perhaps he's a little bit biased, but Jack does NOT want an adventure. Especially for a royal, as they are all stuck-up and spoiled. Jack lives with his grandfather. One day, a girl falls out of the sky near his grandfather's cottage. Her shirt reads, "Punk Princess." Great. Jack is now obligated to help a princess of some weird place (Punk?) rescue her grandmother, who she tells him has been kidnapped. This starts a hilarious fairy-tale adventure with a super surprise ending.

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submitted by FNU LNU, age 12
(February 14, 2015 - 3:15 pm)