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by Laurie Halse Anderson


I realy enjoyed this book as well as the next book in the seris Forge.  I read all the time and I have never read a book so down to earth, realistic, and entirtaining.  It is impossible to start and finesh Chains as the same person.  


Chains is a book  about slavery in the 1700’s from the point of view of a thirteen year old girl, Isabel Finch.  She is the girl torn between nations, the girl split between names, and the girl who wanted only two things: her sister, Ruth, and freedom. She could have had both if it wasn't for that Mr. Robert who started it all.     

Isabel's mother died of smallpox not long before the book begins, and now her kind old mistress, Mrs.  Finch, has died too.  Before she died, Mrs.  Finch made a will which said only one thing: Isabel and Ruth were to be set free after her death, but the lawyer with the papers has disappeared.  Now Mrs. Finch’s nephew, Mr.  Robert, sells them.  They get sold to a cruel rich loyalist family, The Locktons.

Isabel and five year old Ruth live unhappily with the Locktons for a few months.  Then Mrs.  Lockton sells Ruth.  The anger that fills Isabel is uncontrollable.  Mrs. Lockton becomes scared and slams a painting over her head.  Isabel runs to the rebel camp.  Angry that the rebels will not protect her, and scared of Mrs. Lockton, she jumps out the window.  She almost makes it.  The next two weeks are a blur of pain.  As soon as she becomes conscious she is back to work.  She must leave and that she does.  


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I love that book!!! if U scroll down you will see I did another recommendation 4 it.

Wink Everybuggy should read this book at some point in life. Seriously. SOOO GOOOD!!!

I recomended it as Catherine G. Your review is better though.Wink

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