Cricket Readers Recommend

The Exiled Queen & The Crimson Crown

by Cinda Williams Chima

My mom first showed me a book written by Cinda Williams Chima, The Enchanter Heir. I used the other series: The Seven Realms. It's really good and has a lot of interesting parts. The Exiled Queen is the 2nd book, Crimson Crown is the 4th. Main charecters-Princess Raisa, Han Alister, Micah Bayar, Fire Dancer-

Books:(In order)+ rating

The Demon King -kinda cool-

The Exiled Queen -cool & magical-

The Gray Wolf Throne -boring-

The Crimson Crown -epic and cool and HILARIOUS-



Teens: ages 13 and up


My pet panther will track you if you try to read it at a young age.

Cinda Williams Chima also has another series:

The Heir Chronicles (also for teens ONLY!)

Books (In order):

The Warrior Heir

The Wizard Heir

The Dragon Heir

The Enchanter Heir

The Sorcerer Heir 

People (Main):

Emma Lee Greenwood

Jonah Kinlock

McKenzie Kinlock

Tyler Boykin (also Greenwood)

Sonny Lee Greenwood

Rowan DeVries

Lilith Greaves (Gwyneth Hart, Gwen Hart)

Gabriel Mandrake

The 7 Realms is better than the Heir. 

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submitted by Bella S., age 14
(November 25, 2015 - 1:30 am)

How come it's only for teens? Is it complicated, or in appropriate for kids that are too young? 'Cause they sound really interesting, but I'm not a teen yet.

submitted by MysteryPerson, age ??????????, ??????????
(January 17, 2016 - 7:19 am)