Cricket Readers Recommend


by Gordon Korman

A lot of the time, Griffin Bing thinks that adults are in charge to much. He and his friend Ben are sleeping out at the old, soon-to-be-demolished Rockford house when he finds a Babe Ruth baseball card. It was Ruth's first season a yankee, but he was in a boston uniform. The next day, Griffin takes the card to an emporium to sell it. The man, known as S. Wendell Palomino(or as Griffin and Ben call him, Swindle) tells him that the card is fake, but he buys it from him anyway. Later Griffin is at his house watching TV when suddenly, there Swindle was, looking as happy  as a kid in a candy store, holding, Griffin's card. Although Swindle claims the card is fake, Griffin knows that he is lying. He and his friends get together and make a plan to take back what was rightfully his. Does it work? Read this exciting book to find out.

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submitted by Emily W., age 11
(October 9, 2009 - 1:41 pm)