Cricket Readers Recommend


by Brian Jacques

Redwall is an action adventure book about animals. Now I know what you're thinking, "O great another picture book about little creatures woopee." No siree, my friend. (I mean it is a war novel.) You can take whatever you want away from it. Whether you're enthralled by the blood shed, or you get all mushy inside for Matthias and Cornflower (two mice). There're also puzzles to solve and clues to follow. The main plot is basically that in a wood somewhere populated by anthropomorphised critters with not a human in sight is an abbey (Redwall) populated by mice. Now by the very nature of the fact that it's an abbey we can all take for granted that this is a peaceful place that provides hospitality and healing to woodlanders and travelers. They also, though, hold feasts. Well after one such feast Matthias and Constance the badger are escorting Cornflower and her family home when they see a hay cart full of rats heading straight for the church that is Cornflower's home. They promptly turn around and head back to the abbey to stay the night. Those rats just happened to be the army of Cluny the Scourge. Cluny is determined to conquer Redwall and enslave all the animals living inside. This spurs the young mouse Matthias into action to find the sword of Martin the Warrior. He must suffer many flukes, false alarms, and difficulties. In the meantime Cluny is also facing the same things: many flukes, false alarms, and difficulties. The question is, "Who will reach their goal first?" Well, read it and find out.    

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submitted by Camille W., age 11
(March 27, 2010 - 10:46 am)

I love the Redwall series.  The characters may be animals but they are soooo believable.  Brian Jacques does a great job of making them seem like people you would want to know or be like.  The adventures are pretty exciting, too.  I even like the villains, well I like to hate them. Undecided

submitted by Michelle, age 13, Chicago
(May 22, 2010 - 1:38 pm)