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A whole nother story

by Dr. Cubert Soup

Laughing A Whole Nother Story is about a family called the Cheesemans (Ethan, Olivia, Jough, Majenta Jean, and Gerard). Mr. and Mrs. Cheeseman have invented the LVR a time machine that travels at the speed of light and looks a little like a disco ball. Somehow word of the LVR leaks to certain nongoverment agencies that "don't exist" and now they will stop at nothing to obtain it. In their twisted schemes Mrs. Cheeseman is killed. Now the Cheesemans are desperately trying to crack Mrs. Cheeseman's computer code to the LVR so that they might keep her from meeting her untimely demise. They have to keep moving from place to place when ever Pinky, their psychic hairless dog, alerts them of danger(A.K.A. internationnal super spies and goverment agents). Along the way the Cheesemans will encounter bannana guns, spiked coffee, a psychic hairless dog, oldr than possible members of a traveling circus, a rollar skating ghost, a chimpanzee fluent in many languges who also happens to be a super spy, a cowboy poet, and of course a sock puppet named Steve.

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