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Lad, a Dog

by Albert Payson Terhune

This book was the most detailed book for animal lovers thati have ever read. It used the most elaborate vocabulary and I enjoyed reading every page. It is about an 80-pound collie that is very, very brave. I read this book and looked for others by him. Lad, in this book, is very protective of his owners and any other living peaceful thing. I thinkyou will find this book a most wonderful journey into the life of a dog. Look also for "Bruce" the story of Lad's offspring and "Lad of Sunnybank" for the further adventures of Lad, the dog.

Average: 4 (4 votes)
submitted by Josie, age 11
(July 2, 2011 - 5:09 pm)

I loved this book!! A major recommendation, but if you can't stand unhappy endings, don't read it.

submitted by Rosie L., age 12, Philippines
(January 12, 2013 - 2:26 am)