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On the Prospect of the Cursed Child: A Debate
It's not all...

It's not all bad...

Yes, I truly believe we need to take a second and admire some parts of it.

I think the main reason it got so much hate was because it didn't feel canon, meaning it didn't really work out with the rest of the books as well as it it should've. I do think the things I value the most in books- character development & writing style- were up to standard through Scorpius, Albus, and even Harry through his journey of being a father and slightly forgiving Draco.


That aside, it had its flaws. The plot made little to no sense, especially considering the fact that Daphne was Voldemort and Bellatrix's child. Although if Voldemort had a child, Bellatrix would probably be the first choice as the mother, it doesn't fit either character very much in the context of the series and everything they had going on. Also, the fact that the sweets cart lady tried to attack people leaving the Hogwarts Express didn't seem right. And I do believe Harry would strive to be the father he'd never had. If it weren't for the fact his parents were dead and his guardians were gits, he would probably be a pretty awful father, in my opinion. But I think his actions did not make sense at all.


Overall, I think that it wasn't a very good play, but it does have some pros. What do you think?


Side note- what do you think about Scorpius' crush on Rose, and do you ship Albus/Scorpius' at all?


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I HATE HATE HATE this thing . . . except for Draco's new hairstyle. That was pretty funny. :) But I just don't like how all the grownups interect with each other, cuz it just doesn't match up with the books. The books will always have an irresistible magic that plays and movies can never have when it comes to Harry Potter. I don't really have an opinion on Scorpius/Rose, and Scorpius/Albus? Where did that even come from??

I also don't likethe Voldemort/Bellatrix thing; it's comepletely out of nowhere. In fact the whole play is, and it sort of ruined the books for me.


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Blech Blech Blech I hateeeeeeee this book. Sorry, but not only that it's not canon... like, Bellatrix/Voldemort? He would never get married. Plus, the time turner is WRONG. Remember what it says in Harry Potter? We cannot TRULY change time. Nothing chaged in the third book. Before they went back in time, they heard a thud of an ax, and Hagrid wailing. They heard THE SAME EXACT THING after they went back in time. So!

Also, I somehow don't think Harry would be that bad of a father, honestly.  

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@Twirlgirl I totally agree. I hated the way that it made Harry look like such a terrible parent. I always saw him being like to most amazing dad ever to make up for the fact that he lost his parents.

As for the whole Voldemort/Bellatrix thing. I caould see him getting married to her only to make sure that his blood was passed on. But it is still pretty unbelivable. 

I never saw the play-I only read the screenplay, I personally think that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a way better addition to the Harry Potter World.



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Wait did it actually say that Voldy and Bella were married? Bella was married to someone else, wasn't his name Rodolphus or something? I think they mention him at some point, though he never actually enters the story.

I thought Voldy and Bella just --

maybe I should end this sentence, 

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@Spiffycat, I think you are right...

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Yeah I'm pretty sure...

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Ok. So. I have more to say but I feel lazy so I'm just going to say that I did NOT like the Scorpius/Rose ship. At all. I think it makes Scorpius look stupid and silly in a way that's really out of character. I do kind of like the part where he says she smells like bread though. I totally buy Scorpius/Albus, though. And before Cursed Child came out, I shipped Scorpius and Lily (the little one, of course)

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Ah, the Cursed Child. The story that is often ignored.

I've heard someone say it felt like and read like complete fanfiction. But is it really that bad?

To begin, people have made a claim to some of our old, familiar characters acting out of character from what we knew. (On the Chatterbox, Spiffy made a similar claim) Is this really very true? Let's take a look at the cursed child itself. A few things that stuck out to me were:

Nineteen years have passed. Now, I'm fourteen. I haven't been alive for nineteen years. But I've seen the people around me change and grow over the course of a few short years--specifically my own parents. I can't even imagine how much character growth and change could happen over nineteen years.

They're not teenagers anymore. People do stupid stuff in their teens. I'm an example of this. Adults will tell you this. There's a reason parents stress more when their children are in their teens.

And, finally, they really do still hold the same character traits as the people they were before. Hermione's dialogue feels like Hermione. She speaks like Hermione and feels like Hermione (ex. The bit about her parents being dentists so she was bound to rebel at some point). Using her library to defend her things? Definitely her. Ron acts differently because, let's face it, he was bound to mature and lose some of his more childish Ron-ness--but he still maintains some of that old character ('Honestly, Fred and George ran a book'). 

I'll be addressing more points on here in the future--I really want to talk about Harry being a terrible parent next.

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Oh the Cursed Child, how I loathe thee.

You can say whatever you want about it - I think it's a blemish on the writing world. It's poorly written, the characters are terrible, the plot doesn't make sense, and I cannot even moderately tolerate it. Let's go point by point.



Nope! Nope nope nope. All the possible reasons Voldemort could have wanted to have a child don't make sense. Romantic affiliation with Bellatrix? He was born from a love potion; it's impossible for him to love. Need for an heir? He thought he would live forever; he had no need for an heir. 

Also, the this-character-acts-one-way-the-whole-play-and-then-BIG-REVEAL! thing ticks me off. Delphini gave off NO CLUES. She is bound to slip. She didn't. It was a ridiculous move to have no hints, and just throw it at us from nowhere.

(not to mention, villain's child? really? is there ANYTHING more cliche and boring that you could choose for a sequel plot? come on.)


Ginny was okay overall, but the whole no sugar thing was ridiculously out of character. Just saying. Even if she went on a diet, which is unlikely, she would not force her whole family into it.


Harry would NEVER EVER EVER be that sort of parent. Ever. He grew up in an abusive household and would do anything to be the exact opposite of what the Dursleys were to him. He would have no problems with Albus being sorted into Slytherin; he would go above and beyond to make sure his children were always feeling happy and safe; he would NEVER tell his son that he didn't want him. EVER. I'm sorry, Cursed Child!Harry is a completely different person from Original Series!Harry - nobody changes that much, no matter how much time has passed. And Harry would be a remarkable father, not a terrible one.


Where did Scorpius/Albus come from? The whole. flipping. play. Those two read like lovers from the moment they set eyes on each other. I have not met ANYONE who did not agree that Scorbus was blatant throughout the whole play. In fact, my friend went to see it with her mom, her friend, and her friend's mom; the moms hadn't read the play, and during intermission, they asked my friend and her friend if Albus and Scorpius ever got together. Reread the play. You'll see what I mean.

Scorpius/Rose existed because in the original novels, during the epilogue, Ron told Rose that he wanted her to avoid Scorpius, because Arthur would be upset if she married a Malfoy. All the shippers jumped on the opportunity - and fairly, that's what shippers do. The writers of CC saw this and decided "oh, yes, let's make the fans happy!" But it backfired, because Rose got pretty much no stage time, Scorpius had no reason to have feelings with her, it was forced, it was fan service, and he was clearly into Albus.

There are other things, too, but they've already been touched upon. 

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Dear reader, thanks for the heads up--Admin

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you are so right

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Okay. I've noticed that the fandom found this book extremely problematic. And that is understandable. However, I actually... sort of like it? Obviously there are parts that don't make sense (and no, I don't ship Albus/Serverus for the same reason I don't ship Evan/Connor) and parts that hardcore fans don't like whatsoever, but this story, however nonsensical it may be, is really a truly sweet play with an awesome message. The whole Bellatrix/Voldy thing? Yeah, that's weird. That's weird as hecky. Also, Scorpius's crush on Rose seemed SUPER forced. Anyone with me on these things?

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I've tried, but I couldn't find anything particularly favorable about "Cursed Child." 

While I'm sure it's much better when you actually see the play, the script read like fanfiction, rather than a genuine addition to the Harry Potter canon. 

None of the characters-- not one-- was anything like their series counterpart.. Harry's parenting issues felt forced and just wrong in general. While Harry woulnd't be a perfect father, he certainly wouldn't behave like that. Did he learn nothing from his seven-novel coming-of-age journey?

Ron and Hermione seemed like completely different people. Hermione was, frankly, a self-righteous jerk. Ron hardly came into the story at all, and when he did, he didn't accomplish anything, and was continually put down. He and Hermione never had a real, affectionate interaction-- in fact, Hermione comes off as a little abusive.

Ginny doesn't get much of a role, but her adventurous, fun-loving spirit doesn't show in the play.

Draco didn't make much of an impression on me. 

Albus behaves like a reckless, self-involved brat, and he's never really made responsible for his actions. Scorpius was okay, but that's probably because the ony thing we learned about him in the original series was his name.  

I really, really disliked Delphi. I could see her plot-twsit coming from her first entrance (seriously? she keeps randomly showing up and no one questions how or why?), and her origins and purpose were the most fan-fiction-y aspects of the entire misadventure. And her whole dramatic mission involved embarrasing Cedric Diggory or convincing her daddy not to kill a baby? And why did she write a nice sentence summarizing her goals on the walls of her easily-located room, and set Parseltongue as the trigger to reveal it? 

For me, the worst part of the story was the time-travel. Not only was it cliche and convenient, but it gave the writers the opportunity to mess up pretty much every character. Why is Hermione suddenly so rude and bratty as a teen? Snape's noble outlaw thing, while not implausible, didn't feel right. And WHY did they have to mess with the Cedric-Diggory story? It completely undermines his legacy from the series. First of all: why is Amos all angry at Harry NOW, when he wasn't before? Second of all: WHY this narrative? "Getting humiliated during the Triwizard Tournament means you become a Deatheater and murder Nevile before he can kill Nagini." WHAT?! Personally, this is the bit that irks me the most. We get one semi-major Hufflepuff character who leaves a lasting impact on Harry and his readers-- and then everything Cedric was supposed to stand for is abandoned for a conspiracy-theory "what if?" Why can't they just let the guy be dead, and leave his memory in peace?

Also, the alternate futures were really awkward. The "Voldemort victory" timeline might have worked a little better if it hadn't been rushed-- but the drastic change in Albus and Scorpius' classmates was a bit odd. I understand that, tragically, everyone is capable of evil, and it makes sense that a darkly-indotrinated generation of youth would eventually turn out like that. Just look at the Holocaust, or the Nazis' "Hitler Youth." But since these children's parents weren't originally Voldemort-supporters, I feel like it might have taken a little longer to produce a school-cult of morbid child-killers. I'm not sure about this one.

As I mentioned before, I really didn't like that Albus and Scorpius go dabbling around in time and single-handedly decimating things, and they never have to take real responsibility for it. I mean, whole generations of living, breathing, dreaming people are born in alternate timelines, and then everything switches back and it's like those people never existed. Imagine that-- you're living out your life, and then all of a sudden you and everything you love ceases to exist because a pair of incompetent kids are inconvenienced by the timeline you were living-- the timeline THEY CREATED. And then the grand punishment for these kids turns out to be.... drumroll.... They don't get to go to Hogsmeade! *GASSSPPP!*

Albus' and Delphi's relationship was... really messed up. I didn't like that the adults who see them together seem fine with with the assumption that a boy in his early teens is dating a strange woman in her twenties?  No wonder these kids have problems!

Speaking of the kids-- Rose was one of the most unlikable characters in the whole thing. What little she gets of the plot doesn't do her any favors-- is she really so biased that her cousin and friend being sorted into Slytherin ends their relationship for her? Is she getting these ideas from her parents? I mean, it's not unusual for kids to form exaggerated opinions based on snippets of their parent's beliefs, but still...

And why is Voldemort still a thing? He's dead. How is he still connected with Harry's scar? I know it's magical and mystical and all, but it doesn't seem to add up with the way magic works in Rowling's world from the series. I think they should have explained that. And I know introducing another villian might not have worked out so well, but neither did dragging Voldemort back in. It made his character feel less threatening and impressive and more like a tired throw-back.

Yeah. I'm through ranting now. XD


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