Chatterbox Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Cricket magazine? Who are the bugs? What am I doing here?
A. The answer to all such questions from the completely confused begins with going home (or rather, to the homepage

Q. Well, then, what is the Chatterbox?
A. Good question. The Chatterbox is where readers of Cricket magazine gather to talk about everything under the sun--and beyond the sun, for that matter. It is like the beloved Letterbox printed in the magazine, only a little faster in receiving responses from other readers.

Q. Do you have to subscribe to Cricket magazine to use the Chatterbox?
A. It's hard to believe that someone who doesn't subscribe to Cricket could have anything worth chatting about, but strictly speaking, the answer is no.

Q. After I submit a post, who screens it and decides whether or not to put it on the site?
A. The administrators.

Q. Who are the administrators?
A. We are--very responsible people who love Cricket magazine.

Q. How long will I have to wait before my comment is posted?
A. The administrators are kept very busy administrating, also we're new at this, but we don't think it will take longer than a day or so. We'll do our best.

Q. O.K. Can you tell me what the different areas of the Chatterbox mean?
A. Of course:

"This Month" is where you go after you read your latest issue of Cricket and want to tell other readers what you think about the stories, the art, the cover, the bug adventure--and anything else.

"Chirp at Cricket" is the area if you want to say hello to the bugs and offer suggestions for the kinds of stories you'd like to see in the magazine.

"Blab about Books" is where you can talk about the books you're reading or favorite authors.

"Pudding's Place" is for discussions of theater, music, great films, and the arts.

"Down to Earth" is for discussions about school, global warming, recycling, and things in your life that are important.

"The Inkwell" is the spot for budding writers who want to share thoughts and ideas.

We also have two boards for special story projects:

"Kyngdom" is an interactive adventure that started in January 2016. Learn more here.

"Crowd Sorcery" is a massive storytelling project that started in April 2014. It features the work of author Fred Durbin. Learn more here.

Q. I'm not quite sure which is the right area for me to post my ideas. What should I do?
A. Always do your best. The Chatterbox will grow and evolve along with the comments of the readers.

Q. What should I do if my mom or dad has questions about the site?
A. They can read our privacy policy. We do not share any information about readers. Any comments to the site are screened first by Cricket editors. If there are any complaints or comments about a posting, they should go directly to the administrators here.

Q. Will Cricket ever give Ladybug a valentine?
A. That is one of the most important questions of our Time. Unfortunately, my time is up and I can't answer it.