Chatterbox Rules


Of course, it is important to obey all rules when using the Chatterbox. Fortunately, there aren't too many rules, so this should be easy.

Rule #1    Be nice. The Chatterbox is for Cricket readers to exchange ideas in an open and friendly manner. As in the Letterbox printed in the magazine, disagreements should be polite and fair.

Rule #2    Fill out the submission form completely when posting a comment. Be sure NOT to include your full name, e-mail or other web addresses.

Rule #3    We don't allow explicit violence or romance. We don't allow swear words or crass language. 

Rule #4    Be patient. Cricket editors review all comments to make sure they're appropriate for the Web site before posting. Check back later to see if your comment has been posted.

Rule #5    We don't link to outside websites or web content.
Links, usernames and passwords to other Web sites will not be posted.

Rule #6    Enjoy exploring the Chatterbox.