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Wings Of Fire

EEEEEEEEEEEEE I just read Hive Queent oday ! It was GREAT and there are so many PLOT TWISTS and dragons are AMAZING and blah blah life is good.

But seriously, so are these books. You should read them if you haven't. And if so, you probably shouldn't read much farther.


What I love about this series besides the dragons is mainly the whole culture, or should I say, cultures. They're so realistic, especially in Pantala.

I also love the plot twists. Like *SPOILER ALERT MAJOR SPOILER AlERT* Katydid is Cricket's mom eeeeeeeeee how did you come up with that author!

What I hate?

Well, Darkstalker for one. H. Is. So. Very. Annoying.

But it's mostly *sigh* the romance.


The only ships/curshes I like are Glory and whats-his-name and Cricket and Blue. I LOVE Cricket and Blue, at least, I love Cricket's crush on Blue. It's so cute, and they make such a perfect match. AND she isn't overly obsessive, like Starseeker and Sunny and Clay. *groans* Just THINKING asbout  that makes me sick.

My favorite characters? Well, I have a ton, but they include Peril, Bumblebee, Scarab, Tsunami, and TURTLE TURTLE TURTLE OOOOOOOH I LUV YA BUD!

(hey, I'm half dragon. It's not my fault if I fall in love with one. HAAAAH)

Peace out, Spiffycat 

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Hmm, that's an interesting notion of its own.

I personally like Moonwatcher the best, and the fact that she likes Qibli more than Winter is rather sad. I mean, I do understand why, demo sa (but still). I can also relate to how, frustratingly, every dragons seems to have a love interest, which perhaps takes away from the story, in certain instances. However, I agree, likewise, that Cricket's crush on Blue seems rather intriguing. I feel like since their lack of hostility, regardless of the society they live in, and the fact that they are of opposing tribes of course, is rather simalar to Winter(IceWing), and Moonwatcher (NightWing). The overall theme of this series seems to apply here, as well, having dragons from several different tribes coming together and cooperating, as demonstrated with the three main groups of dragonets so far.

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Oh, I love that series! I've read them all, but right now I'm rereading Escaping Peril and she is so awkward, it's amazing. And Turtle is just like 'what the heck' but like. Mellow. Casual. In their first meeting, Peril tells him he's stupid for walking to his room, randomly says 'moose', and overshares about all her problems, and I am living for it.

I honestly don't like any, except maybe Qinter or Glornami, and especially not Glorybringer (the one you were talking about). That's mostly because that particular ship took over the fandom, and because I, as an aro person, dislike ships in genera, though. So yeah, it annoys me.

I do think Sundew and Willow will be cute, but we hardly know anything about Willow yet. So we'll just have to wait and see!

On the subject, have you heard about the new Legends? I don't know much, but I think it's about scavengers/humans...

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Glorynami? Glory and Tsunami? I don't feel like that would work out at all, they're so similar! And I haven't heard about the legends. I really hope Tui T. Sutherland puts more about humans in the series, though.

AND I really hope the series doesn't end soon!!!!!!1 

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I haven't read past book 11, but I'll just say that my favorite ship is probably just Anemone and Tamarin or possibly Glorybringer (glory and deathbringer)

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I think the books are great! I also like how Cricket's is a hinting to this website! She's basically the dragon verson of what Cricket is! It just makes me happy! I love the plot twists, even if some of them you could see coming, and I can't wait to see how the Leafwings live. 

I think one of my favorite series in the book is Darkstalker's, it's so interesting to see how the dragons where like in the past. And I loved getting to see more of Darkstalker's story. It made him a much better villian, because you kinda felt sorry for him. 

I could go on... but that's it! (for now...)  

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Why do you keep deleting what I don't like about the series? I know that it's a sinsative subject, but I feel like you only allow posts about it that are good and positive. I just feel a little upset to be having my thoughts on the book be taken down before anyone can read them. I'm sorry if this sounds rude! I don't mean to offend you or anything so please don't be! 

We delete remarks we think may be hurtful to other people.


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