So, Graphic Novels. 

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Graphic Novels!
So, Graphic Novels. ...

So, Graphic Novels. 

I haven’t read many. I could probably count on my fingers the number of graphic novels I’ve read in my entire life. But lately I’ve been thinking about writing one myself. And since I have very limited knowledge of graphic novels, having read very few, I figure I should read some more before I try to make one myself. I’d also like to read more graphic novels just ‘cause I think they’re cool and I’d like to get more into them. So I guess this is kind of a graphic-novel-recommendation thread. What are your guys’ favorite graphic novels? Are there any great ones I should definitely read? Any favorite graphic novelists? Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!


Try Jeff Smith's Bone series! -- admin 

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Try My Hero Academia, it a manga meaning you read it right to left not left to right. Its characters have personality and this is a perfect mix of light heartedness and action.Cool

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Try the Manga Classics series! They do manga versions of classic books/plays like Jane Eyre, Romeo and Juliet, Tom Sawyer, Macbeth, etc. They use the original dialogue and everything, but the fact that it's manga makes it cool XD I just read their version of Macbeth, and it was REALLY good. I've read Macbeth before, but this time I actually understood what was going on bc the manga illustrations make it clearer. 

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I haven't read very many graphic novels, but when I do it's usually to read something really easy and with a thin but amusing plot. For that I would recomend Dork Diaries. They're about your average middle school girl, Nikki, who is always having trouble with the really mean, popular girl and getting into confusing situtations with her crush. Everything always turns out okay for Nikki and she probably shouldn't complain about her life as much as she does. The plot isn't great, and every book has essentially the same storyline but if you just want to take your mind off life they're fun. 

If you're looking for something more serious I would reccomend March. It's congressman John Lewis's autobiography, so it's all true. John Lewis was one of the key figures in the civil rights movement. The book gives you descriptions and visuals of the counter strikes, when people of color sat at counters in resturants that were segragated and didn't move, even when men threatened and hurt them. My school read it and went and then John Lewis came and talked about it! It was so cool!

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Oooh! read some of Raina Telgemeier's books!

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Ooh! I love graphic novels. I'm even making my own, about Ursula Veramendi.(Look her up.) 

I would recommend the Awkard, Brave, and Crush books. Another great one you may not have read is The Okay Witch. The Breakaways is also good. If you're looking for a good series(?) simalar to the "Awkward" books that I mentioned above, you should look for the Emmie and Friends books. (They aren't as silly as they sound.) Happy reading! 

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