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Aurora Cycle: Sequel names please?
The Aurora Cycle~...

The Aurora Cycle~

Okay, so I got Aurora Rising from the library and read it, and it was totally awesome, and then I discovered that it's part of a series! my mom and I looked it up, hoping to find out what the next part was, and it was just really confusing... one article said it was part of a larger series? And there were like two possible books that could have been n. 2?

Has anyone else read this that could help me out here? It was definitely a good read, and to read the series I kind of need to know what's next in line.

I could also take you up on a discussion, if you would like to.

Okay thank you bye. 

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Oh hey, I read that book!

I though it was really cool, and I also read another book that ended the exact same way directly after (Wings of Fire book 13, if you read that) so that was cool and kinda serendipitous.

It is the first in a trilogy, I know that. I'm not sure about book two...?

Okay, after a quick google quest, I think maybe the reason it's so confusing is that there's another series called the Aurora Cycle? The other one is by someone called G. S. Jennsen, and the one we're discussing is by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I think the next book is called Aurora Burning and will be out May 5th, 2020. Also it's going to be a TV show!

I'm curious what you thought of it, there was a lot of buildup and setting things up, and I'm utterly baffled by the potential relationships, although I am 100% rooting for Kal, if you're wondering. Overall, it was pretty cool, and the worldbuilding was nice (except for the fact that literally everything is named Aurora lol).

If you liked it though, and you need something to tide you over until May 5th, I highly HIGHLY reccomend Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff's other series, the Illuminae Files. It's all out, and absolutely wonderful. It's also a sci-fi, but it's got some really cool formatting. It's supposed to be like this collection of files on the events of the story, so you're reading texts between the characters, and camera footage summaries, and these super weird AI files. It's really cool, and I honestly liked it better than Aurora Rising. As I was reading, I kept having this urge to yell "AMIE AND JAY! STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS! I AM NOT A TOY!" but I didn't. Mostly :). Also, people kept asking me why I was turning my book upside-down to read it. Sadly, showing them the page didn't make them think I was less weird. Seriously though, look it up. It's really good. 

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(Top!) Ah! Okay, thank you, that clears it up. I didn't realize it hadn't been released yet, though! 

Ooh, discussion time. *rubs hands* 

Yes, the buildup was amazing! With all the flashbacks and the little hints- the one where her dad kind of "sticks" to her, saying "Ra'haam (I think I put the apostrophe in the right place)"? It was so perfectly placed! And I loved just the intermittent poetic-ness that just kind of added to the narrative. And I love how it changed perspecive, but I wish there was more from Zila! We didn't get her tragic backstory yet!

The romance... yes, is slightly confusing. I think Finian's gonna be intershipped, but I don't know who it would be with. And yes, Kal is such a sweet bean in disguise. He deserves Auri. <3

And then Ty x Cat!! Ah, I loved Cat's final chapter so much- the formatting, the poetics, the strange-yet-heartfelt-ness of it all... yeah, I totally cried <33. My dream is that Ty will be mourning Cat so much he doesn't fall for anyone else, but this is a YA book we're talking about- no way is the hot blondie alpha dude going to be left without a ship.

My only issues were the stereotypical tragic backstories, excessive times Aurora went into that sort of coma-y state (I'm concered for how much blood she has left after all those nosebleeds), and yeah, everything being named Aurora. XD

Hmm... I've still got to finish the Giver series and I'm going through HP again, so I think I'm good, but thanks for the suggestion! 

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I'll just continue this discussion like a month later...

Okay, so I just wanna make some quick predictions.

Romance related: Kal, Auri, and Ty are defenitly a love triangle, maybe a love... square? Parollelogram? If you count Cat. Finnian is gonna be with Scarlett, and Zila is ace.

Otherwise: Cat is defenitely still alive. I know she had a dramatic goodbye, but if I've learned one thing from Illuminae, Amie and Jay are amazing at fake-killing people. Also, I feel like they wouldn't throw her away with her arc unfinished. Zila is maybe a robot. I've been going back and forth on this one. At first, I thought she was defenitly a robot, but then I thought maybe she was just neurodivergent? Like you said, there's just so very little to go on. I'm curious about her tragic backstory, though. And the GIA. They're up to something, too. Kal's people are also gonna be important.

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OOh, yes! A love... quadrilateral!!

Auri and Ty's dynamic is definitely confusing, cause even though they seem to be flirting, we already know that both Cat+Ty AND Auri+Kal are things. (I feel like ships names are in order here.) And I saw the foreshadowing of Finian+Scarlett, but I don't know how much I like it.

Hmm yes, I thought about Cat being dead-but-not-dead.I mean, once they figure out how to stop/cure Ra'haam, would that mean everybody is free from it? For the sake of plot, yes, probably. 

I never thought about Zila being a robot! Though now that you say it, that makes total sense.

And yeah, I hate how they just kind of mentioned the Syldrathi war in passing, without putting more emphasis on it, so that'll definitely come back.

I also think that Finian's cousin guy is gonna come back, because of all the favors he was promised.

And yeah, the GIA! Is it run by Rah'aam, or did it just take over the GIA? And is absolutely everybody who's part of it infected? Hmm... 

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I just read it and Illuminae Bk 1, and Wut. Wut. The death scenes are amazing. I actually felt a little sad, rather than just angry. Also I somewhat have a crush on Cat.

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