Oh my goodness!

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The Lunar Chronicles!!!
Oh my goodness!...

Oh my goodness! I love the Lunar Chronicles! If you haven't read them I highly reccomend them! If you like fantasy and sci fi you will probably enjoy them. It's basically fairy tales...but in the FUTURE!!! Now, if you haven't read them don't read anymore because there will be spoilers ahead!!! 

Now if you have read them (and hopefully enjoy them) I've got some basic survey questions, nothing too lengthy! :D

1. Have you read all of the books plus Fairest and Stars Above?

2. Which book is your favorite?

3. Who your favorite character?

4. Who is your least favorite character 

5. What is your favorite ship? 

6. If you could go on a date any of the Rampion crew who would it be? 


Here are my answers! :D

1. Yes!

2. Cinder

3. Cress

4. Aimery Park

5. Cresswell

6. Kai


No arguing! Respect other people's opinions! Have fun!



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Oh, I looove those books!

1. I didn’t finish Fairest, because I found it a bit disturbing/inappropriate for my tastes. Stars Above, yes, I loved it. 

2. Oof, that’s hard. Probably Scarlet.

3. I love all four main characters and their ships. I don’t think I can pick a favorite, but I really love Scarlet and Cress. 

4. I’d probably have to agree with you about Aimery.

5. Probably Wolflet, but Cresswell is a close second.

6. Ahh, that’s hard...either Wolf or Thorne most likely. 

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1. I've read all of them except Stars Above. Anybody read the graphic novels Wires and Nerve? They're about Iko.

2. The Wires and Nerve graphic novel, parts 1 and 2.

3. Iko, with Winter as a close second. 

4. Cress

5. Idk, I don't really ship anybody to be honest.

6. Hm. I don't think I'd want to go on a date with anybody, but I'd love to hang out with Winter or Iko.

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Yesss, I loved Wires and Nerve. 

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Anyone read the Renegades series by the same author? I just finished the first two.

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I am currently reading the first book, Renegades!! It's so good. (spoilers) I'm at the part where Nova just got to the house she's staying in while she's a Renegade. 

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I love TLC! They are so good!!!

1. I've read all the books plus Fairest and Stars Above and the two Wires and Nerves books. (those are the graphic novels about Iko)

2. I think Winter is my favorite book, but it's closely followed by Cress then Scarlet and Cinder. I love all of them!

3. I love all of them, so it's a hard decision, but my very favorite would Cress then Thorne and Scarlet.

4. Aimery Park, Levanna, Sybil Mira, Channary 

5. Cresswell and Wolflet

6. Thorne

Sorry I have multiple answers for each question, it was so hard to choose! 

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1. No , I have not. Kinda scared to, Stars Above being my last glimpse into a beloved world... But I'll get over it. Eventually. Hopefully. Before my hold expires.

2. Scarlet or Cress.

3. Wolf. Or Thorne(not because they're cute. Nonono. In terms of personality.).

4. I was born to hate Queen Channary, Jerrico Silas, Aimery Park, Sybil Mira, and Levana herself all equally with undying hatred. 

5. Wolflet Forever. (a close second is Cresswell)

6. nope. I do not date. 


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2.AHHHHHHH I can't choose!!!! I love them all!!!

3. Cress, no doubt, I ship her a THorne SO BADLY!!! CRESSWELL 4 EVA!!!!!!! (I also love Scarlet and Thorne)

4. I don't really have one actually, I love all of them, even the bad people


6. Thorne, Cress, or Scarlet (Top 3 fav characters!) 

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1. I haven't read either, because they aren't at any of the libraries near us. maybe I'll search again after the quarntine

2. Definitly Winter 

3. Either Winter or Cress. Or even Jacin Clay

4. No idea. Either Thorne, except he becomes a better person, or Cress's father, I forget his name

5. The one that Thorne steals

6. Wolf (did anyone else notice htat Ze'ev means wolf in hebrew?) 

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Ship means which romantic relationship do you like best, idiot.


1. yes I did, but I don't think my library has Wires and Nerve.

2. Scarlet? Cress? Fairest? Yeah allem. Scarlet most. 

3. That android in Stars Above. Or Cress. Or Wolf..... Or Thorne, or the android Thorne wins? More like, a lot of 'em.  

4. Sybil, Aimery, Y'know, the total creeps. 

5. Wolflet. The other one in the android story.

6. No dates......I wanna hang out with Kai and talk politics, though. 


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