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This is kind...

This is kind of like the Favorite First Sentences in the Cricket magazines, but these don't have to be first sentences! They can be sentences you like from anywhere in a book, comic, short story, or even a story from Cricket! (or any other magazine with stories in it) Please be sure to put the book/story title and author after the quote. I'll start with one I like: 

"A burst of song exploded from the coconut."

- The Finch by Lauren Orme

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Ooh! I love collecting quotes.

”I felt the starched walls of a pink cotton penitentiary closing in on me.” - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee 

“Call out if you’re dead.” - Return of the Temujai by John Flanagan

In fact you could say music is another way of thinking, or maybe thinking is another kind of music.” - Very Far Away from Anywhere Else by Ursula K. LeGuin

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How about this?

"You can choose what you believe, Shuffler, but you can't change what's true."

-The Green Ember by S.D. Smith 

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(December 30, 2019 - 8:33 pm)

Mmm. I'd probably have to choose an actual quote said by an actual person, though it has appeared in the book Alamo Allstars:

"A member of the awkward squad took a header from his horse, thereby bringing his nasal appendage into such intimite association with Mother Earth as to draw forth a copious stream of the sanguinary fluid."* 


*As said by Noah Smithwick.                                                                                                        

P.S. In regular people talk this means he got a bloody nose.                                                          

P.P.S. This took me 8 minutes to copy. 

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