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KotLC Ships!!!!!
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so this is actually Hedwig posting... but I thought the name would be fitting, since this is going to be me blabbing about KotLC. I haven't been active for a loooooong time :/ but I saw a thread about Keeper of the Lost Cities that Lupine showed me and I KNEW I had to make one.

About different ships.

okay, so I just love kotlc so so much. I love that Shannon Messenger has come up with this perfect, yet imperfect world. I adore all of the characters and cannot believe that I have to wait a whole YEAR for book nine to come out. I love how it is this clever, Harry Potter-ish story that still manages to include romance. I. Just. Want. To. Live. There. 

So the first romance thingy I'll write about will be the Dex-Keefe-Fitz-Sophie love square.

If you haven't read the books up to book eight STOP NOW. There will be spoilers. Also, run to the nearest library and check out all the KotLC books you can find.

so, Sophie and Fitz. I shipped them soooooooo hard. I thought it was meant to be since the first book, and I read all of the Fitzphie fan stories out there. And in flashback, I was so happy that Fitz liked Sophie. I was basically snoopy dancing around by bedroom.

And then Fitz had to ruin it all in Legacy.

He was such a jerk about Sophie being unmatchable that, sorry all Fitzphie shippers out there, I am now team Sokeefe.

So, Sophie and Keefe. They are just adorable! I have a feeling Sophie will end up with him, but who knows what Shannon Messenger will decide. I love Keefe's personality and I feel like they would have a healthy relationship and be happy together. I'm still waiting for Sophie to realize Keefe likes her. Ro is definitely helping with that. 

So that leaves Dex. Poor Dex, I felt so bad when Sophie rejected him. I don't think they would've been good together, but still.

I totally ship Dexiana, sorry to all the Tiana shippers. But a Dizznne! With a Vacker! That would be the cutest. Thing. Ever.

I ship Tam and Keefe, not sure how that would work with me shipping Sokeefe though. That have the same, yet different personality. Keefe is like the more happy side, and Tam is the darker side. They could learn a lot from each other! Plus, bangs boy and lord hunkyhair. It was meant to be!!!

I also love Linh and Marella how cute would that be? Okay, I'm gonna stop now or else I won't be able to. So this is bacically just a thread for KotLC fans!!! Yay!

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I ship Sokeefe!! 

I used to dislike this ship, but I've grown to like it. it's just soooo much better than fitzphie. As y'all prabably know, I hate fitz so much, he literally has no personality and is a jerk. He doesn't deserve Sophie. And yes, I know they're like cognates and stuff but eww, just stop, Fitz. anywayy, enough ranting about Fitz. Sokeefe all the way!!

Dexiana is a pretty good ship, too! 

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Ditto to literally everything you just said :)

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LOLLLLLLL*me picturing Keefe and Tam together* I'm laughing so hard right now. I have been a Sokeefe fan from the first book, Fitz is a JERK! But yeahhhhhh, Biana and Dex would be amazing together!

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^^^ I completely agree with Biana and Tealeaf and Snazzycakes. *shrug* Fitz is horrible, what can I say.

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Sokeefe ROCKS and so does Dexiana!!

Tam/Silveny (Tilveny? Tamveny? Siltam?) makes literally no sense but it's funny

I have nothing personally against Tiana, it's just Dex...

Also has anyone been reading the deleted scenes on the Keeper website? At the end of one of them Dexiana was totally mentioned as a thing.

My email account pic is a Team Valiant gif

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oh my GOSH i just found out that shannon made spotify playlists for every keeper book!! they're on her website! AAHH

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Excuse me? Fitz may have acted like a jerk but that doesn't mean he shouldn't get a second chance! Also Marella and Linh would be adorable but so would Dex and Linh.

Fitzphie forever! 

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Three words- Biana and Dex

this is practically what keeps me reading when Keefe is sad and Sophie's stressed. Biana is my favorite character and my book twin, so she's may favorite character. And Dex is AMAZING too. It's sad when people say he's bad because he's such an underrated character! Sokeefe is also good, but I've never liked Sophie, so I'm not as concerned with her.

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