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Six of Crows Duology
Has anyone read...

Has anyone read six of crows? I've read the six of crows duology, the shadow and bone trilogy, and hope to read the king of scars duology. I'm also watching the shadow and bone series (WHY do we not have Wylan). So yeah I guess talk about Six of Crows here? Favorite characters, favorite scenes, favorite ships. I can't pick a favorite character (I love them all). SLIGHT SPOILER WARNING Favorite scene from crooked kingdom was when Kaz literally beat the heck out of all the Dregs who betrayed him with his cane and then took the dregs from Per Haskell. Then.... WESPERWESPERWESPERWESPER Kanej is also good 

So yeah that's that. Have fun talking about Six of Crows I guess :P

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aaaahhhh six of crows is literally my favorite book every oh my cod--

I really want to read crooked kingdom but for WHATEVER REASON it hasn't arrived at my library yet asdfghjkl

Yeah so wesper is obviously my favorite ship, my favorite character is probably Inej although I love them all, and I have some fanart brewing which I will share but it's not colored yet so I must go do that--

Anyway, yes, Six of Crows is literally amazing. After I finish the duology (Please do hurry up library, I haven't got all day), should I read the Shadow and Bone trilogy? Is it good, I've heard both things.

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Shadow and bone is good, but you might be a little disappointed after reading Six of Crows because it's not as good as Six of Crows. It's written in first person with Alina Starkov (The person who Inej's knife, Sankta Alina, was named after) and follows her story. It takes place before the Six of Crows Duology. I liked it, but in my opinion six of crows is better.

Echo (who is now in the form of a turkey until November ends) says izagm. Yes, it iz a good morning. 

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