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Weirdly Specific Book Genres
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I haven't made a thread in a while...but here goes.

What are your weirdly specific favorite book genres? This can be anything from "books in which the main characters are cats" to "medieval fantasies that are also mysteries." And then maybe give some examples so people understand what you're talking about. And maybe why you like that weirdly specific genre so much.

I'll start! My favorite weirdly specific book genre might be Little Women adaptations. I love these because though I like the original story & characters, it's a bit old-fashioned and slow, so I find diverse re-imaginings, especially set in different time periods, really fun. Some great ones are:

Great or Nothing is a YA adaptation set in WWII (also Jo is explicitly gay which is amazing)

More to the Story is a modern middle grade adaptation starring a Pakistani-American family

Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy
is a modern graphic novel adaptation with a Black biracial family

Alright, have fun! 

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Well, I used to love anything to do with horses, be it fiction or nonfiction. I loved looking at the pictures of horses in nonfiction books... I still like horses, but I've gotten less obsessed with them by now, so I don't read so much about them any more.

I like books that are funny and calm, where you don't have to get too worked up about the plot or the characters. Unfortunately there don't seem to be many of those. Memoirs often do the trick, though. There's a book called My Heart Lies South, which is about the author's life when she married a Mexican and went to live with him in Mexico. It's really entertaining and fun to read, as well as providing a lot of insights into life in Mexico (although the author, Elizabeth Borton de Treviño, didn't understand everything about it).

I also like books that aren't primarily romances, but have romance woven in, like The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth George Speare. Plain romance gets boring (for me, at least), but when it's just a subplot, it often makes the book more interesting. Odd, isn't it?

There are also some book genres that I don't like, although this is off-topic - namely horror and anything that's dark or morbid. I honestly don't see the point to them. I think maybe one reason for depression and anxiety is reading books about violence and gore and trauma. The main character sometimes doesn't succeed in what he/she is trying to do (and occasionally doesn't even have anything worth trying to do), and sometimes even dies at the end - how can that inspire you or make you feel that life is worth living? Obviously reading one or two wouldn't sudddenly demotivate you forever, but it might have an effect if you keep doing it. I also really don't like the repeated emphasis on pain and suffering, like in the Cat Warrior books. It's pretty common to find a sentence like "He gasped in pain, feeling the stabbing heat sear into his skin." (Or even worse.) And they're really badly written too. Anyone can write like the authors of those books. What's harder is to portray deep, serious human emotion, or inspiring and motivating people to do something they don't want to but which will help others, or something along those lines.

So, those are my favorite/not-so-favorite specific book genres, and this comment is getting SO long (I just always have so much to say, and I can never seem to stop, sorry!) so I'll end it here. :)

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I agree, I really dislike horror. I was really into a book recently and then the climax scene involved a lot of blood and death and vampires (why) which kind of spoiled the mood. I guess I'm happiest while reading about happy things (or at least less gorey things) so those books make me feel uncomfortable.

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