overflowing bookshelves!!

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overflowing bookshelves!! ...

overflowing bookshelves!! who else has one? I'm sure many of us.

post pictures of your bookshelves—books you've read, or are meaning to—how they're organized—stuffies or something resting on your books? anything and everything! I'll post a picture of mine once this thread goes up :D

(yes this is just an excuse for me to bemoan how many books I need to read :P)

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I would post a picture except lots of the books I need to read all library books with names on them... so I'll just copy and paste what I wrote on Tsuki's bookshelf thread and add on the books I forgot! :)


"(no, really. Haha. I should probably try to control myself but I can't. Equal Rites, Simon Sort of Says, Jane Eyre, A Comedy of Errors (part of a book of Shakespeare stories in English AND Mandarin which is pretty cool), Spilling Ink (rereading indefinitely), Meanwhile (Jason Shiga, again, been trying to solve it for OVER A YEAR AND A HALF NOW SOMEONE HELP ME I EVEN TRIED CHEATING AND I STILL CAN'T UNLOCK THE SECRET KEY AND GET TO THE END OF THE BOOK!!), The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy (yes I just borrowed it today despite all the books I'm still reading don't judge it's awesome), a book on composting called Composting for the Absolute Beginner: How to Improve your Soil for Better Organic Gardening (because I WANT TO VERMICOMPOST and my mom's like yes, sure, BUT MY BROTHER AND DAD ARE LIKE NO WORMS IN THE HOUSE AND SO THIS IS A LOSING BATTLE BUT I WILL PERSIST AND GET AS MANY COMPOSTING BOOKS AS NEEDED TILL I KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW AND... sorry I'll stop now :), On the Edge of the Dark Sea of DarknessI Am The Messenger (again, thank youu @Artemis!!), The Lost Hero (rereading for the hundredth million time), Outside the Box: A Book of Poems, Pure of Heart, 5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior (rereading.. the third time?? Second?? Oh well doesn't matter), Unlikely Friendships, Merriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary (yes, partly because I'm that word geek and it's actually kinda fun, but mostly so I can say I'm reading a dictionary :), Flying Free, Farenheit 451, This Would Make A Good Story Someday, A Darker Shade of Magic, and Twist)

AND NOT TO MENTION THE PILES AND PILES AND OODLES AND OODLES OF BOOKS (mostly library books oops sorry library books I love you guys I love my local library everyone's awesome no late fees and unlimited checking out books plus it's so homey and cozy and safe and I'm literally there for hours thanks) I STILLL HAVE TO READ AND WANT TO READ JUST SITTING AROUND MY ROOM

(including but not limited to: Eight Cousins (yay Little Women!!), Esperanza Rising (going off of Coyote Sunrise's recommendation anyone understand?), Emily of New Moon (ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!!), mockingbirdSpirals In TimeThe Tiger Rising (THE ONLY KATE DICAMILLO BOOK I HAVE NOT YET READ WE NEED TO FIX THAT!!), A Mango-Shaped Space (Wendy Mass has some good books, some ok books, some meh books, hopefully this'll be good.. but she introduced me to Lucid dreaming so all's forgiven if not), They Both Die at the EndThe House in the Cerulean Seathe good, good pig (SY MONTGOMERY!!), JULIETA AND THE ROMEOS AHH BOOK CLUBB, Our Stories, Our VoicesNimonaThe Adventures of a South Pole PigTwelve Angry MenThe House on Mango StreetKing and the DragonfliesLearning Not to Drown, The Grace of Wild Things...) 

AND AHEM ALSO FOR SOME CRAZY REASON I STILL HAVE HOLDS ON BOOKS IN LIBRARIES (e.g. The Hawk's WayThe Wee Free MenA Hat Full of Sky, at least 5 on an online library website but I don't really use it that much so I may have forgotten which ones but I have to read those too there were also some good books there I remember)

hehe so basically my self-control is horrible and instead of reading all those millions of bajillions of books I am sitting here typing out torture for the admins.. yepp... sorry everyone I'll stop now I get crazy when books are mentioned..."

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OMG my bookshelves... On the top shelf, I literally have made a whole other shelf with the books on the top shelf, meaning... I stack them into a teatering tower... I think they might fall down at any moment... AAAAAANNNDDD i have a BILLION books on my wish list so that good

Guys, you might be shocked, but I think most of us need our own library to put our collections 

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Literally... I have books stacked on top of books and more books, I kinda turned my room into a mini library. :)

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I literally have two huge bookshelves and all the books are so tightly squished together it's hard to get them out, and still I have another bookshelf's worth of books randomly scattered around.

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