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Alright you fellow...

Alright you fellow book lovers! Here is a thread for those people who love Narnia! (I appear to be awful at creating threads, so hopefully this turns out ok!) Here is a form you can fill out and you can cut out what you don't want to do OR you can just start a conversation with someone here about beloved Narnia!

Who's your favorite character(s):

What's your favorite book(s): 

Why do you like Narnia:

What do you know about C. S. Lewis:

How many times have you read a book/the series:

How many things can you relate to and why: 

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Who's your favorite character(s): I like all of them! Aslan, Caspian, Lucy, Susan, Edmund, Peter, Jill...

What's your favorite book(s): either the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrone, or Prince Caspian

Why do you like Narnia: It's magical and filled with all sorts of creatures!

What do you know about C. S. Lewis: not much, besides that he was part of this group called the Inklings with J. R. R. Tolkien

How many times have you read a book/the series: unfortunately, only once

How many things can you relate to and why: i can relate to so many things, like the feeling that time passes so fast

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Yes Narnia :))

Who's your favorite character(s): Possibly Reepicheep - he's just too adorable :)

What's your favorite book(s): The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It's so beautiful, somehow.

Why do you like Narnia: It's one of my favorite fantasy lands - full of magic and lovely places. All the characters are so full and wonderful, the plots are always good, and the whole thing is permeated with fantasy; but at the same time it's deeper than some other fantasy books.

What do you know about C. S. Lewis: To begin with he was an atheist, but he decided to become a Christian while he was on a walk with Tolkien and another of the Inklings. I think he taught English at a university, and as Moon Wolf said he was a member of the Inklings (which included Roger Lancelyn Green as well as Tolkien).

How many times have you read a book/the series: More times than I can count :)


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Who's your favorite character(s): uhh it's been like 2 years since I've last read them all which doesn't seem like a long time but I've been brainwashed by at least a million different books by then... I just reread the Lion the witch (I was gonna do the whole series but then got (shockingly! ... not) sidetracked) so I guess I'll have to go with Lucy (yes, I skipped the magicians nephew, just wasn't feeling like going through all that though it's awesome too at the time), though I also really remember liking Repicheep (how can you not?!?)

What's your favorite book(s): EVERYTHING! But HahB. Sorry, I just don't remember having as much enthusiasm at the time, I'll have to reread it, maybe I did like it, I think I thought it was a bit confusing. I don't really remember Prince Caspian or The Silver Chair or whatever that well either. What was the one with Jill and the other person and they were at school and discovered the door to Narnia in a closet door or whatever? When they replaced "shh" with "thh"? Was that tsc? I think I liked that one. I also think I liked TLB. Definitely MN, TLTWaTW, and TVotDT at least though!

Why do you like Narnia: the writing, the world, the characters, the concept, the creatures, the story, the feelings it gives you (see: the quote I put fairly recently on the quotes thread), reading my dad's battered and yellowed and falling-apart editions, the layers, the complexity within simplicity, the magic, the names, the ordinary leading to the extraordinary, the possibilities, the quaint, a bit old fashioned writing... I mean, what's not to like? :)

What do you know about C. S. Lewis: C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia books. That's quite literally all I knew. But now I'm learning quite a lot from reading all these, really interesting facts and such, thank you!!

How many times have you read a book/the series: this is my third time rereading the series. I also watched the movies (between the first and second times I think??)

How many things can you relate to and why: SO. MANY. Being lost in a magical world, being thrown into things suddenly without knowing what's happening until it's out of your control, how weird time is and how years can pass but they're really just minutes, the imagination, the characters, sibling rivalry (yess), telling the truth and sticking with it even though it sounds impossible, getting very indignant at being accused of lying, the joy and feelings and pure happiness, the dilemmas, a lot more that just slipped my mind...


I also wrote a long paragraph about Narnia emphasis leading to other things on the random thoughts about books thread! 

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