Hello world,

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Hello world,

Hello world,

I'm Charlotte (yes, as in the name "Charlotte's Web") and I love Cricket magazine. I've been getting the magazine for a while now, but I'm completely new to this website. Did anybuggy else find the cover on the latest Cricket magazine amusing? I thought it was funny how a bug was capturing humans just as we capture them. It also made me think how we would feel if bugs stepped on us whenever they wanted to... anyway, off with that trail of thought... well, I have to go now- we have just opened a box of lemon poundcake... kind of a funny name for a cake...

-CharlotteTongue out


I think the name originated with ingredients in the recipe: one pound of butter


submitted by Charlotte H., age 11, California
(July 12, 2014 - 4:39 pm)

Hi, Charlotte. I'm Ellie and am also pretty new here. Didn't you think it was funny how the girl was texting on the cover, and when she was let out of the jar in the table of contents, she was still texting? To know more about me, please check out my "I'm new" post. Enjoy the CB!


submitted by Ellie, age 11, Place in PA
(July 12, 2014 - 6:40 pm)