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Reasons defending Slytherin

1. There are tons and tons of videos and articles out there on why Slytherin's not evil.

2. All Houses have their stereotypes. Gryffindor for being show-offs, Ravenclaw for being nerdy, Hufflepuff for being losers, Slytherin for being evil. None of them are true, why should Slytherin be any different? 

3. I'm Slytherin. I wouldn't follow Voldemort. 

4. Not all bullies were Slytherins. James Potter, the Gryffindor, was the bully to Severus Snape, the Slytherin, the victim.

5. Regulus sacrificed himself against Voldemort. Snape received hate and mistrust from both sides and was lonely and secretive for most of his life. He endured pain, and eventually sacrificed, too. Slughorn may have been annoying, I'll admit that, but he fought the Death Eaters. Narcissa Malfoy risked her life by telling Voldemort that Harry was dead. Draco also betrayed Voldemort. 

6. If Harry hadn't met Ron or Hagrid, then he wouldn't have known about Slytherin's evil reputation. Then he wouldn't have refused when that Sorting Hat tried to put him in Slytherin. And if Harry hadn't met Ron or Hagrid, the hero and good guy of our books would be in SLYTHERIN! And Harry is not evil!

7. I'll admit that most of Voldemort's followers were Slytherin, and that Hufflepuff turned out the least Dark Wizards. Rowling said so. But her wording--"Hufflepuff turned out the least Dark Wizards of all the Houses"--Makes me think that there were more than one. Pettigrew brought Voldemort back to life, and he was in Gryffindor. Quirrel tried to get the Sorcerer's Stone for Voldemort. . . And he was Ravenclaw! Look it up. 

Notice how I had seven points!!! Seven is a Harry Potter number!!!!! :D
Okay, rebuttals? Daisy? Gared? Brooke?

Those are just people off of the top of my head who think that Slytherin is evil.

Xiǎo tùzǐ says dire. No, this debate is not dire, it is about a book.

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No, I think Slytherin is morally skewed, but not evil. If you want to argue about true good and evil, I'm game.

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No offense,  but. . . I. . . Kinda think that. . .

That statement is even more ludicrous? 

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Right. Let's not to complex moral debates here.

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Snape was still nasty to James potter. He snorted when James wanted to be Gryfinndor on the train. 

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I was not invited to this thread, but I would still like to point something out. One very small, tiny thing. 

Take into consideration that Snape was terrible to Harry for no reason. Harry had never done anything wrong to Snape, yet Snape still unjustly punished him for things his [Harry's] father did. Snape held a grudge instead of letting it go, because he believed he should hate every trace of James that was left. 

Everyone likes Snape because he did one good thing in the end, but you need to consider everything else as well. 

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Thats so true. He definitely should've been a teendy bit nicer. I have to say, snape was human, though. Not just a flawless idol. I like that about him. But his one good act of saving Harry isn't enough to excuse his flaws.  and btw, Marshie says zrum. I don't know what that means. 

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Here are some rebuttles, Mei. :) this is all a friendly debate, right? so the numbers of my rebuttals match with your excellent points above.

1. N/A

2. True. We shouldn't stereotype them. 

3. Good for you. 

4.  I'm not saying all bullies are slytherin. I'm saying most/all Slytherins were bullies. 

5.  But regulus originalLy joined the death eaters. And may I point out that snape only turned to the good side to save lily and was bound to stay with Dumbledore once she died. I have to agree that slughorn wasn't really a bad person, though. Narcissa only lied to save Harry because she wanted to find her son. She was evil most of her life and only left Voldemort when he threatened her son. Draco betray Voldemort? When?

6. I think he would have been very unhappy.

7.  More than one? Well,yes, other houses turned out minor groups of dark wizards. Since the vast majority of Slytherins were evil, I think that the house in general is evil. 


Cant wait for for this debate, it's gonna be fun! Respond soon, Mei!! 

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I am reading the cursed child. So far I am incredibly dissapointed with it.  

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I will be the judge. Yes, I am open minded enough. This is a true evil/self-concerned argument, and I will enjoy monitoring. So far, there has been'

(a) No text evidence

(b) No essays: all points have been separated and with minimal explanation

Sorry about the grumpy professor vibe, but I like reading essays. Any questions? 

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1. I have seen your comments against Slytherin and have come to the conclusion that you are too biased to be judge. Sorry. Scylla's better.

2. I've used text evidence.

3. No essays allowed. Only seperate, numbered points. 

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But there are never any direct quotes!! My evidence wasn't for or against Slytherin!!! I posted that they were not true evil. That is about as unconclusive as you can be. And another thing: are we argueing true evil or lesser evil, or bad and good? 

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For one thing, Slytherin can't be true evil, so the debate should be closed. For another: there is no such thing as true equality, we can't have a judge who is completely unbiased, they will always lean twords one side. We are distorting information: making small things big, and big things small. 


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